Tips to keep your yard up without wasting water.

Ditch the Automatic Sprinkler Automatic sprinklers can keep your yard up, but it can also waste a lot of money and water. Water in the Morning In the heat of the day, water will touch the surface and evaporate. Use a Rain Gauge A rain gauge can help you track how much water your yard… Read more »

A good screening process in stages

First Contact A potential tenant calls you for more information about the property and the lease. Ask some pre-screening questions to save time. The Showing If First Contact questions are good; schedule an apartment showing to meet the potential tenant(s) face-to-face for the first time. The Application The potential is still interested and no red… Read more »

What Tenants Want from a Landscape

Ability to Cook and Entertain Outdoors A whopping 96% of Americans surveyed said they wanted grills outside. This was closely followed by complete outdoor living spaces, including outdoor kitchens and areas to entertain guests. Lighting and Installed Seating About 95% of those surveyed claimed lighting was important to them in an outdoor space. Another common… Read more »

A free way to increase searchability, build reputation

Too many property managers aren’t aware of the free tools offered online, like Yelp. Recent data suggests there are over 57 million reviews on Yelp. More importantly 82% of Yelp users go there because they intend to buy a product or service. People who are looking for property management and rentals often do business once… Read more »