Better Tenant Communication

Website Posting news and events on your company website provides the information in one place. Updating tenant news on your company’s website requires minimal effort, but it’s a passive means of communication. Your tenants aren’t checking your page daily or at all. Emails and e-newsletters This offers landlords a more active way of distributing information;… Read more »

Good News! Apartment Rent Growth Levels Hit New Highs

New highs in rent growth were seen for both new resident leases and for renewal leases. April 2015, total lease-over-lease rent growth nationally measured 6.1% — well above the 2011 peak of 5.3 percent. And New leases surged 7.8 percent. New lease rent trade-out is highly seasonal. April is an especially important month, being the… Read more »

Maximize Apartment Value with Good Management

A good location, well-tended units and common areas, and the right amenities are no longer enough to keep occupancy rates up and a property’s value high. To maximize value, there are two main goals: Meet or exceed budgeted rental income Meet or exceed budgeted net operating cash flow. Two areas of apartment operations that directly… Read more »