a life reinvented

  How a gift of furniture gave one woman hope for the future Heidi found out how one decision spiraled downward into being on the streets not long ago. She is a native Wisconsinite who uprooted herself for what she thought was love. She married a Minnesotan man, and moved in with him. Not long… Read more »

evictions are easy with satintouch

  Trash Out services lift the weight of liability off your shoulders It’s never a pleasant situation, but it’s one that every property manager will encounter this issue at some point in his or her career – eviction and executed writ. When it happens, the former tenant can only take what he or she can… Read more »

satintouch gives back: Kindercare scholarship

  At any age, intelligence can feel trapped by circumstance and access. Alexis, now 3-years-old, felt that pinch very early in life. Her mother, Paula, recognized the signs of her own childhood and wants her to get the best education she can receive. After receiving a scholarship to Kindercare, a preschool facility, little Alexis proved… Read more »

Color your room confidently with satintouch

  satintouch can reinvent your room in any color you desire, but before you make a final decision, make sure you avoid some common mistakes. Avoiding Bold Decisions Sometimes you love a color but are too afraid to put it on your wall. The best way to get over that fear is to start with… Read more »